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"Esther Warkov has rendered a signal service to the Ramakrishna Vedanta community, not only in America but worldwide, by assembling more than 60 remembrances of one of the great swamis of the second generation of our movement – those who knew Sri Sarada Devi and the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. We in America are indeed fortunate that so many of these monks were sent here to give spiritual guidance. They have been a living link to the founders of the movement. "

John Schlenck, American Vedantist, Spring 2010
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Table of Contents
* Indicates New to Online Edition


Introduction and Acknowledgement

About the Contributors

Remembrances from Monastic Devotees

Swami Yogeshananda

Swami Damodarananda Swami Aseshanandaji: Humble and Inspiring 

Swami Manishananda Reminiscences of Swami Aseshananda

Pravrajika Gayatriprana

Pravrajika Brahmaprana Reminiscences of Swami Aseshananda

Swami Harananda

Pravrajika Sevaprana

Swami Tathagatananda “Reminiscences of Revered Swami Aseshanandaji”

Swami Brahmarupananda Swami Aseshananda As I Saw Him”

Anonymous Pravrajika

Vimukta Chaitanya

Swami Vedananda*

Mataji Gauribrata Puri Devi*


Seven Portraits of Swami Aseshananda

  Michael Morrow (Vijnana)

Eric Foster

Anonymous Initiation Accounts”

Alex S. Johnson “The Influence and Example of a Great Soul"

Ralph Stuart

Jon Monday (Dharmadas) A Visit with a Swami in America”

Anna Monday "Abandon All Paradigms, Ye Who Enter Here"*


The Early Years: 1955-1969

Vera Edwards

Fae Dougan*

Marina Sanderson

Robert Collins, Ed. D

Coral Tilton

Gisela Manley

Ingrid Voget

Keith Voget

Ken Shores

Alice Levine


Marlina Rinzen*

Jane Wintermute Gille *


The Last Quarter Century: 1970-1996

LeNoir Kali Hayward*

Bill Parmenter, Ph.D.

Terrance Hohner

Jane Harrison-Hohner

Doug Meddaugh

Doretha Stuart Moore with Bessie Keens and LeNoir Kali Hayward

Alan Boyce

Graza Doyle

Anonymous Disciple

Anonymous “Experiences from One Initiate’s 16-Year Encounter with Swami Aseshananda"

Barbara Elsasser*

Carmen Farmer

Bill Pearson

Karl Bareither

Richard F. Epstein

Sandra Raley Longmore

Bert Cornick

Mike Di Feo

Gale Loof, Ph.D.

Kathe Fradkin

Pat Harris

Mikele Rauch

Esther Warkov, Ph.D. The Phenomenon of Swami Aseshananda

Ron Bartlett

Robert Geib “Reflections and Anecdotes on Swami Aseshananda from Aseshanandaland"
James Ferguson, MD

Esha Ray Chaudhuri, Ph.D.*

Christie Nicolle*

Sarah Dorsey*


Snapshots: Brief Encounters, Lasting Impressions

Anonymous Disciple

Anonymous Devotee*
Sreemati Mukherjee, Ph. D.
Fontaine Epler*
Ray Berry*
Charlie K. (Krishnadas) and Sita Mitchell
Barbara Smith 
Mary Tamraz (Archana) “A Tribute to Swami Aseshananda Maharaj

Joan Shack

Anonymous Daughter of Mother”

Anonymous Man of God”

Anonymous Overwhelming Love”


Historical Overview
Gopal Stavig Excerpts from "Ramakrishna Vedanta in Southern California: 1899-2009”
[Now titled “Ramakrishna-Vedanta in Southern California: From Swami Vivekananda to the Present." It can be read here.]



The Name “Aseshananda” and the Temple Dome Incident

Some Sayings of Swami Aseshananda                                                              

Print and Media Resources (Books and articles by and about Swami Aseshananda, DVDs, Videos, Audio, Transcriptions


Newspaper articles: Prayer of the Vedanta Society and Swami teaches spiritual peace seekers at retreat                                                                                                                            


Contents of the Accompanying Disc

The Lotus and the Flame: Monastic Teachings of Swami Aseshananda, compiled by Swami Yogeshanada


Documentary cable television news feature and background interview of Swami Aseshananda (1985) by reporter/devotee Tom Lipsett  


Photographs Web Gallery and enlargements


“Holy Mother Talk” by Swami Aseshananda
Magazine Articles,
2003, from Vedanta Center UK website  


Archived Articles by Swami Aseshananda  


Program from Swami Aseshananda memorial service


Examples of Swami Aseshananda’s letters to Esther Warkov and to Susan Solari handwritten & typed copy

etter soliciting reminiscences


Song inspired by Swami Aseshananda


*Drawing of Swami Aseshananda submitted anonymously  


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